Leadership Team


Stefan Alvidrez
Outreach Coordinator

Stefan is currently attending Fresno State majoring in kinesiology. At Fresno State, Stefan is the president of United Student Pride (USP), an LGBT+ student run club on campus. As someone who loves being out in the community, Stefan leads our outreach efforts to high schools and college campuses throughout the Central Valley. 


Dante Bellotta
Assistant Program Director

Dante is one of our hidden gems because he has these great ideas that make you think. Starting with us as a blogger a few years ago, we slowly saw the passion Dante has to giving back. He moved from a blogger to our Community Coordinator and excelled. In his role, he is overseeing our QueerOut Ambassador Program and the right hand to operations. 


Jacob Fries
Events Coordinator

Jacob is one of those driven individuals to make a name for himself. He is currently a student at Fresno City College, barista by day and one of the youngest real estate agents in the area. Jacob loves creating events that are out-of-the-box, creative and make a lasting impression. It's all about the experience! 


Justin Kamimoto
Founder & Program Director

Justin has the passion to create change in our community. He founded his high schools Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club in 2011, is the youngest Grand Marshal of Fresno Rainbow Pride, a recipient of the eQuality Scholarship Collaborative and an Out in the Silence Award for Youth Activism recipient. In his role, Justin leads operations to grow and expand our programs services throughout the Central Valley. 

Matthew Martinez
Community Coordinator

Matthew joins our team as a proud ally to the community. Wanting to make a difference for his LGBT+ friends, he is leading our community relationship building efforts. You will often see Matthew engaged in politics (and frankly we would vote for him) because he believes at a young age you can make a difference.