Meet Cecilia Ruesta

My name is Cecilia Ruesta originally from Lima, Peru, whom recently became a proud U.S. citizen last year. I consider myself a queer female with a fluid sexual orientation, and a welcoming heart. I have been in a relationship with my partner Danielle for almost four years, and she has been co-parenting my biological child since she was two years old. Our relationship is based on respect, love, and constant communication. My six-year-old daughter Gabriela is the reason why I thrive every day to be a better human being and successful professional. Last year I could accomplish one of my biggest goals and I earned a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a B.S. in Criminology. Currently I am a graduate student in the Marriage, Family, & Children counseling program, where my goal is to become a professional therapist to help my community here in the Central Valley. My involvement as a student organizer and providing leadership in different clubs and organizations, has led me to understand the importance of using my voice to create change.

At Fresno State, I have been involved in POWER, Women’s alliance, Mecha, CLASSA, MOLE, and the most recent organization Students for Quality Education (SQE). What we do with SQE, is we advocate for student’s rights, lobby to pressure the governor and legislators to fund higher education as they used to, and overall maintain the CSU affordable, accessible and quality for all. We stopped the tuition increase back in 2013, and we were able to put a freeze on it for four years, we also defeated the proposed “Student success fees” back in 2014. Currently we are fighting against the proposed tuition increase since the freeze is up, support the bill AB 21 that protects DACA students, and work towards making an active inclusive campus. ASI has major resources and complete access to every student in campus, for that reason we are sure we can make a major impact by getting into ASI. As a student, I’m concerned about the lack of funding the CSU is experiencing, the unease students are feeling due to the current political climate, and the need to bring inclusiveness and diversity into “action” on our campus. For these reasons and more, I want to become the president of ASI, to work together. Students at Fresno State, elections are on March 28-30.

My goals as a future therapist is to stay in the Central Valley and give back to my community into helping them strive for a better-quality life. Since I belong to different minority groups, and I’m bilingual, my hopes are to serve the most vulnerable population. I hope to positively impact my community starting with the youth.

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Facebook: Cecilia Ruesta for ASI President
Instagram: @people_of_action_