A Night of Modern Ecstasy


I have had the chance to catch Lady Gaga’s tours 3 times. My boyfriend Matthew, has seen her a total of 4 times. Needless to say, we were not about to miss her during her latest ‘Joanne World Tour’. We attended the Sacramento show this past past Tuesday. If you have never been to a Lady Gaga show, you’re surely missing out on an amazing experience. Not only is she an advocate for the LGBT+ community, but she believes in equality for everyone, and she bases all of her concerts around that. Inclusiveness, acceptance, compassion, and kindness is what she believes in. She always says that for one night, she locks the doors, and the outsiders are locked out, so everyone in attendance is free to be whomever they choose to be.

Matthew and I arrived around 7:30PM, and waited with great anticipation for Gaga to hit the stage. We people watched mostly until then, (people make really creative and re-create very intricate costumes Gaga has worn throughout the years) one of our favorite things to do. After what seemed like forever, the lights finally dimmed at 9 PM, the timer counted down, the curtain raised, and the smoked cleared on the stage. The audience was catapulted into another world for the next 2 and a half hours.

She kicked off the show with Diamond Heart, a pop song with rock influences. She performed most songs from her newest album, Joanne, but she did not leave out her biggest hits. Such as fan favorites, Just Dance, Poker Face, & Bad Romance to name a few. The stage itself was amazing, she had one main stage, two smaller ones on the floor, and another stage at the end of the arena where she played a few songs on the piano. Bridges, which doubled as projectors, would come down to get her and her dancer to different stages. It was truly mesmerizing.


We sat near the piano stage, which is our favorite kind of Gaga. When it’s just her and her piano, she’s so powerful. She told the audience if they did not believe in equality for everyone, then they were at the wrong show. She also shared a moment she had earlier that night with a fan she met backstage. The fan thanked her for being there for her as a teen growing up, as a gay girl, and gifted her a pearl necklace which she wore during the show. Many, including myself, share the same sentiment, we thank her for being a great role model and encouraging everyone to love and embrace themselves, because they were born that way. Gaga further acknowledge the LGBT+ community and encouraged the audience to give them all a round of applause which caused a huge amount of cheers and applause. She even waved a small pride flag for a second while on the piano.

Gaga closed the sold out show with her recent ballad Million Reasons.  Which everyone got on their feet for, and swayed their arms in the air. She truly never disappoints on tour, through her several elaborate costume changes, to the messages she projects, and of course the incredible music backed by a powerhouse of a voice. Truly encourage everyone to catch her on tour later this year in December. She’s returning for a second round of shows in Los Angeles.