June is Pride Month!

June is Pride month for us all here under the rainbow of diversity that is OUR LGBT+ community. And it is during this time that we should reflect on who we are and what pride means to each of us. Ask yourself:

How do you celebrate your pride?  
Why do you celebrate who you are?
Do you share your pride with your family and friends? 
Do you share your pride at your place of employment? 
And what does Pride mean to you?

Thes are some questions to ponder as this glorious month rolls along. How we make pride our own depends on us. Pride is that glitz and glamour of parade floats, the gowns and tuxedos of drag queens and kings, cheering crowds that line the sidewalks, families coming together to enjoy the festivities, and even down to that good old flag we fly in memory of our diversity.

Pride is also knowing your self-worth. Pride is getting out of those toxic relationships, looking yourself in the mirror and seeing only beauty staring you right back, and coming out for the first time in those scary moments.  

Today in this age we are so connected, scary connected, through social media that it becomes so easy to take each other for granted. We have become numb to one another because it is so convenient to access and share ourselves with the world online. Just 'scrolling' through the day. But being online isn't enough anymore.
Not when we have bullies accosting our youth, political voices constantly ringing in our ears that we are not relevant, and close-minded individuals who refuse to take off their blinders and see us for who we really are: human.  

So this pride, go out. Get out of these four walls and soak in the sun. Walk along those crowded sidewalks and see the smiling faces of parade goers. Buy a rainbow flag and wave it at all the float participants. Show them some love. No, don't be in the sidelines. Go march yourself! You are sublime in all your humanity!

So when you are out there this month, take a moment to tap someone on the shoulder and tell them, "Thank you for showing your Pride."
Maybe you will get a hug out of it and a new friend too.