Love is in the Air

By Jeromie Hansen

I was in college at the time wondering what to do with my life. A classmate decided to set me up with this amazing guy who wanted to meet me. At this point I was already done with men (I was 19). Went on the best blind date ever and fell in love with Rod. We have never been apart since that amazing date.

1991 - Road Trip
Road and I had some friends that were planning a vacation in Seattle and we decided to join them. We instantly fell in love with Seattle. The friends that we went on the trip with actually left us there. They actually stranded us there at my uncles home. Rod and I had no money or way to get back to Fresno. My cousin who happened to be a stripper at the time managed to work a few hours and got us plane tickets back to Fresno. This is when things started to change for us. We started to plan our future together. 

1993 - The Big Move
Rod and I packed up all our worldly possessions in to in our Mazda B2000 pick up and started our relocation to Seattle. 

  • We had $200 in our pockets
  • We had unsure living situations with a relative
  • We were young and scared but we knew we had to leave Fresno to discover what the world has to offer us

We remember the moment we arrived in Seattle. It was raining and smelled of pine and fresh air. 

My uncle was drunk and so excited to see us. We moved in and started to get acclimated. We both got jobs that same week. We never gave up even when the world was working against us. These lessons we were learning at that time in our lives we had no idea how they would shape our futures.

We left my uncles nest a few months later and realized we were not prepared for life on our own. I had 3 jobs and Rod and just as many to survive. We never asked anyone for help. We froze, starved and worked our asses off. 

Making It Work
In 2002 we moved back to California. Making it work is something we have practiced since we met. We hope to inspire with our story and let others know that anyone who is capable of love can make it work.


I could write a 1000 page novel about our fun, amazing, dramatic, and sometimes impossible journeys. Rod and I got married this past year in Hawaii at the private gardens of The Royal Hawaiian. Elvis use to do public shows at the spot we tied the knot. When were first met we would often say “ I wonder if we will ever be able to marry in our lifetime.” The day was so emotional and mazing. We had no family there so it was extra special. We had tourists taking pictures of us during our ceremony. I think they thought we were celebrities.

We work together every day and get to come home and be husbands. All the life lessons we have been thru have definitely helped us in our business. We never were afraid to try new things. Stay true to your partner and never try to change them. This is something that helped us thru the hard times or as we call it “The Evolution Years of our Relationship”. We found every 4 years we would evolve. We had rough times like anyone else, but what we decided years ago is that we are better together than we are apart. This philosophy helped form our business relationship. He is my dream business partner. We moved to Fresno with just a small little dream of being private chefs for select families and have grown into a multi million dollar catering company. We plan on opening a new restaurant and burger joint in Fresno this year. None of this would be possible with out our past and the way we work with each other. I reflect on the past so much these days and I hope to inspire others with this short (in a nutshell) Bio. Stay true to yourselves and lend a hand to someone in need because you never know when you may need the help.


Awesome Event in The Works
We hope to have the very first Same Sex Bridal Event this year at The Painted Table. We have many vendors that want to participate and help answer your questions. We have realized there is a large demand in our community this type of event. We want everyone to feel comfortable and accepted. There are many venues in our city and outlining towns that do not allow same sex marriages or events. I was surprised to find this out. Rod and I continue to raise the bar in our craft and want everyone to enjoy their special day. Stay tuned for details.


The Painted Table
1211 N Wishon Ave
Fresno , Ca 93728