Left to Right: Megan, Dante, Jayson (Computer), Abel, Connor, Stefan

Left to Right: Megan, Dante, Jayson (Computer), Abel, Connor, Stefan

my lgbt plus names dante bellotta as next program director

MY LGBT PLUS today has appointed Dante Bellotta as the next Program Director effective December 1, 2016. 

“This is the perfect time for Dante to become MY LGBT PLUS’ next Program Director. As an individual who believes in grassroots organizing with a team, Dante knows the importance of a program like MY LGBT PLUS to our community,” says Founder Justin Kamimoto. “Our leadership team understands that under Dante’s leadership, he will take our program to the next level. Every program goes through leadership changes to continue to evolve and MY LGBT PLUS is no exception.” Kamimoto will move into the Executive Director role of the new parent nonprofit COMMON SPACE that MY LGBT PLUS will run under. He will train Bellotta in the transition period and serve in an advisory capacity to MY LGBT PLUS for the next two years.

Bellotta joined MY LGBT PLUS in 2014 a blogger, the moved up to the leadership team as a Community Coordinator, and most recently Assistant Program Director. As the Assistant Program Director, Bellotta launched the QueerOut Ambassador Program which expanded MY LGBT PLUS’ reach to communities across the United States with team members now on the east coast.

“With great pride, I am excited to be the next Program Director of MY LGBT PLUS,” says Dante Bellotta. “Over the past five years, we have built an amazing program that is connecting hundreds of individuals together, creating collaborations with local and national organizations, and inspiring many to become involved. I am determined to continue this momentum, with our team, of making MY LGBT PLUS a positive force where we can accomplish anything.” Bellotta has been actively involved in the community through his love for arts and culture, as well as working behind the scenes in the worldwide movement The Rainbow Delegation in its early stages. 

Founded in 2011, MY LGBT PLUS has established itself as a one-of-a-kind program utilizing digital media to connect, interact and support the LGBT+ community. Upon inception, the acronym LGBT+ was created to ensure resources were inclusive of all people as new ways of identity were established. In 2015, MY LGBT PLUS was featured by Facebook Stories in a video that reached global audiences with over 1.2 million views to date. Today, MY LGBT PLUS has an online reach to 114+ countries around the world and actively hosts community events to increase visibility of an active LGBT+ community here in Central California.