An update from us… 

As you may have seen, we have been making some changes at MY LGBT PLUS. It’s a bittersweet day for us because we lost our domain name. 

Long story, short… The company we purchased our original domain name from ( had a credit card of ours on file that expired. Said company says they called to notify us of the situation, but we never received the call. Within days, we soon were faced with a domain name that directed to nowhere and emails that wouldn’t send/receive messages. In an effort to regain the domain name, we reached out to the new owner to buy it back. No luck.

Quick thinking, like we have to do in advocacy, we made the change to become a new domain name. 



The same great resource, just at a new domain name. You can now access our website at Please bookmark, save and share this link. 

Please also update your contact lists with our new email addresses: 

Justin Kamimoto -

Dante Bellotta -

Jacob Fries -

Stefan Alvidrez - 

Matthew Martinez -

Matthew Benitez -

Chan Vang - 

Please disregard any materials that you may see of ours that has The new owner of that domain name is currently building something we are not aware of, and content on their site has no connection to MY LGBT PLUS. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused with this bump in the road. 

Now back to your resource to connect, interact and support our LGBT+ community :) 

- The MY LGBT PLUS Leadership Team