USP New Booth

USP New Booth 2016.jpg

Without a physical presence, how can people know who you are? When something becomes tangible, why does an intended message automatically deliver faster than before?

Over the past two semesters, United Student Pride has been booth-less. It’s not the worst nightmare ever, but it was beginning to become really inconvenient.

 With the help of our friends and generous allies, United Student Pride was able to fundraise money to create a new booth! At first thought, I was excited to get this process going because I understood how important a booth can be for smaller groups on campus at Fresno State. But, once everything was said and done, we tripled our intended goal! Working as a team and achieving this was so incredible for me to experience. I would have never thought that something like this would ever happen. I know people are generous, but this was mind blowing to me.

The new booth for United Student Pride is very special to me. It’s more than just a small location on the Fresno State campus. It has symbolism, pride, and a story to be told. With the inverted, pink triangle at the top of the booth, we specifically recognize the gay men who were killed and tortured by the hands of Adolf Hitler. In a general scope, the history that the pink triangle represents, we encompass the entire LGBT+ community as a whole. We acknowledge the morbid and cruel past our community has endured. However, to this day, the LGBT+ community takes that symbol back and flaunts it as a token of pride. We embrace our history.

Without the help of the countless donors, the booth we have now would still remain an intangible idea. We as a student organization would have no physical presence on campus besides ourselves. 

Given our booth, we develop ourselves within the community. We are visible. We’re here and we’re queer. The reason that the booth helps us showcase the LGBT+ community is because the booth represents the community. We may not have persons who identify with every letter of the LGBT+ acronym, but we acknowledge those who do. Each day that our booth remains on the Fresno State campus, we remind our members, allies, and each person that passes by, that we exist. We are a tangible resource. We are a manifestation of the entire queer community. Fresno State knows who we are and what we advocate.

Although the new booth may be some sheets of metal, and a hot pink triangle...It signifies our community. We’re here. We’re Queer and we have a new booth!

United Student Pride would like to endlessly thank all the donors who made their generous contributions. We would specifically like to thank Karen Johnston McGehee for crafting such a beautiful booth as well as her partner, Robin Johnston McGehee.

Words cannot describe or begin to express how grateful we are for your extreme generosity.

Here are the people who helped make it possible: