EVENT: Unite4Marriage Fresno Rally

INTERESTED IN SPEAKING AT THE RALLY? Contact Chris Jarvis at chris@gaycentralvalley.org ASAP!

The history of marriage equality in the United States could very well be coming to a close

On Tuesday April 28th the Supreme Court will hear arguments in marriage cases involving Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee. This could very well be the last marriage equality case the Supreme Court takes on, and all signs point to an overwhelming victory for LGBT Americans. The decision won’t be announced until sometime in June of this year, but this is history in the making. We could have nationwide marriage equality by the middle of this year!

Fresno joins the many other rallies and vigils across the country on Tuesday, April 28th. We will gather in front of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Fresno to show our support for marriage equality and to raise our voices in solidarity. Gay Central Valley and the Fresno LGBT Community Center are hosting this event.

The rally will run from 5pm-7pm. Local media will be invited. There will be brief speeches from local individuals.

We invite the entire community to participate in this monumental event. This could very well be one of the last gatherings celebrating marriage equality as it moves through the court system. This is history, and we want you to be a part of it. Please invite your friends and family.

If you would like to help sponsor this event please contact us at info@gaycentralvalley.org 

If you would like to assist with set up, signage, or publicity please let us know. If you are interested in being one of the speakers please contact us. If we have availability we’d be happy to include you.

We’re almost at the finish line with marriage equality in America, let’s celebrate the possibility together!

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