MY LGBT PLUS is ready to take the next step to growing our program. To do so, we are recruiting QueerOut Ambassadors. 

What is a QueerOut Ambassador? 

QueerOut Ambassadors will dedicate 5 to 10 hours a month being a visible supporter of our LGBT+ community. You will assist in expanding our capacity through hands on activity. Here are a few key responsibilities: 

  • Promoting our presence online through social media
  • Researching the needs of our community and help plan action to aid
  • Go through training to gain knowledge about local resources to be a knowledgable community member
  • Be a supportive person for LGBT+ community to look up to online and in the community
  • Outreaching at events and community activities

Click here for full position description

In 2016-2017, we are looking for the following: 

  • Student Ambassadors
    • Currently attending middle school, high school, college or post secondary/trade school 
  • Parent Ambassadors
    • A parent of an LGBT+ child or an LGBT+ parent
  • Advisor Ambassadors 
    • Currently a Gay Straight Alliance or university advisor to students/young people
  • Community Leader Ambassadors
    • Individuals who want to be active and be a voice!

NOTE: LGBT+ is an acronym we created to be all inclusive of existing and new ways of identity. Read more here

Questions? Please email Dante Bellotta, Program Director, at